‘We’re famous!’ Canadian boy tells tale of family’s rescue from Pacific

National Post | News

He endured battering winds and rain on a sailboat adrift in the Pacific with his father and uncle, hostage to a nasty squall that ultimately stole their sails and caused the engine to overheat. But for nine-year-old West James, a Grade 3 student from Calgary’s Lake Bonavista school, the ordeal that at one point saw him submerged in the sea did not leave him wholly downtrodden.

“As soon as I found out we were gonna be on the news, I said, ‘We’re famous!’ ” said West, flanked by his father, Brad, and his uncle, Mitch, at a news conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, Thursday. “I lost the un-waterproofed camera with all the really good pictures, but I didn’t take any pictures of the accident with the big boat.”


The “big boat” was the 250-metre Horizon Reliance container ship dispatched by the U.S. Coast Guard to save the three Albertans, who…

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