REVIEW: Ilija Rudman – Cinematic Behaviour [Electric Minds]

The Electric Honeypot.

In the past, prolific Croatian producer, Ilija Rudman, has been accused of a lack of experimentation as well as basing his sound too deeply in the past, heavily laden with late 70s-early 80s-references. We disagree. Whilst the 70s/80s aesthetic is undeniably in the DNA of Rudman’s sound, with his next single, Cinematic Behaviour, there’s an intriguing, yet effective, simplicity.

Bear with me here, but if you combined a game of Cluedo with a disco (a Cl-isco? a suspicious disco?), title track, Cinematic Behaviour, would be, without a doubt, one of the top soundtracks to your night. Full of handclaps, arpeggiated chords, rising 80s synth notes and stabs, and vocal clips, the track just shimmers with an ethereal and unnerving coolness, perfect for any death in the dark corner of a disco.

There’s something about sustained synth notes that always remind me of two things. One, Kraftwerk. Two…

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