Growing up, my parents would often tell me, “You need to get your priorities straight.” The first time I remember hearing that phrase, I was about nine years old. I wasn’t sure what a priority was, or exactly how to get mine straight. I referred to my well-worn Webster’s dictionary:

pri·or·i·ty (prahy-awr-i-tee): “Something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives.”

Although maybe not so relevant for a nine-year old, prioritizing is important. When I look at my list of  “things I want to do in my life” I get overwhelmed. There is so much that I want to accomplish professionally. The problem is, when I think about everything that I want or need to do, it all seems of equal importance. It’s that ambiguity keeps me from moving forward.

My professional priorities right now are (in order of importance):

  • Start my career as a designer (get a design job!!!)

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