Oracle gobbles up Taleo

Mouli's blog

Oracle buys Taleo for $1.9 billion. Wow. I have seen Taleo been used by quite a few Blue Chip companies for their resume/candidate management needs. Consolidation seems to be in-thing now. SAP just bought SuccessFactors. I see this inline with a couple of strong beliefs of mine —

  • The world is moving from ‘Generalized software frameworks’ to a ‘solution based system’. From configurable SAP based ERP systems to a tailormade (customizable) employee management system. From a generalized Oracle database hosting your jobs and resume data to a more-rounded Recruitment system.
  • The generalized software frameworks would not go away, but would become more  B2B (Business2Business). Startups would consume these to build powerful user-oriented systems
  • Innovation would be driven by novel use of these user-oriented systems and mash-ups rather than fundamental shifts in technology. The latter would exist, but would not be the news-breakers of tomorrow. They would just bring cheer to…

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