How We Were Taught to Interpret Nothingness


In Unithou, we refer to “nothingness” as the void. The infinite void. Ethereal H is resting in this void, until activated by out intent. From our intent, usually comes thought, in the form of words (or code) that we’ve been taught (or programmed with). If we don’t develop our awareness of H, and how our thoughts direct it, it won’t bother us at all to go around complaining, or reinforcing negative imprints in order to “fit in” or not seem weird. But these thoughts are directing H all the time, and having a big influence on our psychological and physical health. This is the fundamental flaw with the existentialist way: the western interpretation of the word “void”. A key phrase to remember is “H goes where the mind goes. H obeys intent”.
So, to recap, some of the fundamental terms in Unithou:

– Consciousness/Awareness: The ability to observe one’s thoughts/interpretations…

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