Crusader against fascism in Spain disbarred for abuse of power

National Post | News

By Sarah Morris

MADRID • Sitting at a wooden table before the judges of Spain’s Supreme Court, Maria Martin Lopez recalls the day a lifetime ago when fascists loyal to General Francisco Franco shot her mother.

White-haired and dressed in black, Ms. Martin, 81, described how her mother’s killers had punished her afterward by forcing her to drink castor oil and eat hot chillies in an act of cruelty designed to humiliate a six-year-old child.

“They asked for 1,000 pesetas and since she didn’t have them they threw her into the street. They were taking her to Arenas de San Pedro, but they killed her on the way,” she said of that day in 1936.


Her testimony, and that of other Franco victims, was broadcast during the trial of crusading human rights Justice Baltasar Garzon, a case that has split the nation and rekindled debate over whether Spain should…

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