Charity is dead.

Not For Sale Fellowship Blog

Charity is dead. This was a statement said last week at a meeting by our leader at Not For Sale, David Batstone. It’s a strong and incredibly bold statement, but he stands firmly behind it. And I agree with him 100 percent. How many times have we walked by booths set up by organizations to raise “awareness” and of course, more importantly, money? I remember walking by multiple UNICEF booths that displayed the most depressing photos of malnourished children everyday on my way to work in Korea. The volunteers would ask, “Would you like to help a child in need?” Like most Seoulites, I would quickly shake my head and walk as fast as I could past the volunteer. Sometimes I would purposefully weave around people in the crowd in hopes of avoiding making eye contact with those pleading eyes of the volunteers. I wasn’t dodging the actual person…

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