You may select from among the three pre-approved craptidates, Mortimer Snurd, Mediocre Fred or Sanitarium.  Mortimer was sanctioned or expelled or something, he says he wasnt, it’s still not clear to Me. He had a thing for the ladies, wanted to open up a marriage, she wanted to keep it closed.  He has this thing for bagels and holy wars.  He is as wide as Phineas Barnum.  Speaking of clowns we also have Mediocre Fred.  Says corporations are people.  He should know.  I hear he dismembered a bunch of em.  He follows some dude named Joe Smith or Joe Blow or somethin.  The idiot-box has been spewing crap about said Joe Shmoe.  Something about making the cult mainline so he wont appear as a weirdo I hear.  Makes fifty-two G’s a day doing nothing but passing liberal agendas while playing like he’s a conservator.  Suffers from over-active blabber.  Not worried about…

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