Pocket Perspectives

I received that bit of advice a few years ago….

to not focus on what might happen that could be negative,
but to instead realize that there is always the potential for positive…
and to nurture, develop and use
an open and flexible mind…


I’ve actually followed this advice a few times during  this past week…..meetings that I didn’t want to go to, interactions I was concerned about, tasks that I was avoiding…but I decided to go into each one looking for what could be, at least might be,  positive…and oddly enough….every one of the situations turned out positive, helpful and enjoyable…that positive potential, which is probably present in every situation, manifested in such wonderful ways…

And so….
the precious importance
of learning to live
with an open and flexible mind….
ohhhhh, that sounds sooooo good….
I’m  making a deep and fervent wish
that I’ll be able to do…

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