I am that angry feminist today. In the United States of America, the country that I live in, the ever extant politically-charged culture war on contraceptives has once again eclipsed the nation. And today I feel impelled to get on a soapbox, pump my fists in the air and conform to every stereotype of the angry feminist. Because sometimes even stereotypes are right. And also because this is the country that I, an immigrant, have lived in for the better part of my adulthood and it is here that most of my philosophical, cultural, spiritual and political persuasionsĀ coalesced. It was here that I came of age. Therefore, this stuff matters to me. I am deeply invested in it. Deeply.

President Obama today has exempted all religious institutions from having to provide mandatory birth control to their employers insofar as it violates Catholic doctrines. This was as a consequence of theā€¦

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